BF4 Shanghai Servers Request

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    • BF4 Shanghai Servers Request


      i would like to ask you to change at least one of your BF4 Shanghi server`s config please:

      1-more tickets: 1200|1600|2000 tickets / playing the same map with no rotation isnt fun when tickets are so low that theres no chance for comebacks ,noone likes 3 mins loading 30 mins playing, etc ...
      2-tower rule: destroying tower only allowed below the half tickets (600|800|1000) / destroying tower early will ruin the map and the joy of it,not destroying it at all isnt wise sometimes caping C is hard or boat needed
      3-cheaters: having an online admin 24/7 cant be easy so votekick|ban / its much easier to go on forums and report a cheater
      4-respawn time: fast respawn 200% / on a very large map with 64 players which armored needed everywhere waiting alot for a vehicle isnt fun

      ofc this is my opinion and the server is yours and your rules apply but as a vet i suggest you try this on trail and see what happens if its boring you could still change to default

      thank you

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